Soloist: CD review
Concerto for saxophone Dem Licht entgegen by Sunleif Rasmussen

Jeanette Balland, saxophones
The Danish National Symphony Orchestra conducted by Hannu Lintu

“Danish soloist Jeanette Balland copes marvellously with the challenges of this complex work, demonstrating the facets of each variety of saxophone with great virtuosity, and she is more than a match for the often very ‘macho’ nature of the writing, especially in the aggressive first movement. Her monologue in the second movement (Cantabile) over the singing strings is memorably fluent, as is her whisper-quiet work at the start of the third movement. She and conductor Hannu Lintu demonstrate that this is one of the most important concertos for saxophone in recent times, and it deserves to gain a foot-hold in the repertoire.”

“The Danish National Symphony Orchestra and Hannu Lintu give a visionary account of Rasmussen’s communicative and often innovative music, with an impressive première of the Saxophone Concerto from Jeanette Balland. A superb release both sonically and musically.”

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